CLASSES & Offerings

26 & 2 HOT YOGA - The Original Hot Yoga - 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This therapeutic system of yoga has no pre-requisites and improves overall physical and mental health. The class brings health to each part of the body - to harmonize and balance all the systems of the body. You will notice marked improvement in coordination, balance, circulation, reduced stress, nourishment to the joints, and a removal of toxins from the body. All levels class.

60- 75 -and 90 minute options.

INFERNO HOT PILATES - High intensity, low impact, interval training class using pilates principles. A fun workout building body awareness, core strength, and overall conditioning.

MAHA HATHA YOGA (Intermediate Series) - Classic Hatha Yoga sequencing that creates a space to explore 50+ postures including hip openers, arm balances, and inversions. All levels welcome. 60 and 90 minute options.

26 & TUNES - Enjoy your familiar 26 & 2 Hot Yoga postures while listening to music. There are no posture instructions given during class. I will practice with you and lead you through the timing of class, but the rest is up to you!

ADVANCED - The Traditional 84 Sequence - 2 hours

YOGA CONDITIONING - A unique and diversely designed class to increase levels of strength and flexibilty that are helpful in certain postures. There are ab exercises for Standing Head to Knee and plank variations to prepare you for Crow Pose, etc. Work some yoga drills in this class and unravel new depth and insight into your postures.

ON-DEMAND LIBRARY - Get "om" schooled whenever it fits in to your schedule with pre-recorded videos of classes with demos and instructions.

  • Intro to the Original Hot Yoga 26 & 2 Postures

  • 26 & 2 Hot Yoga (60- 75- or 90 minute)

  • Intermediate (60- 75- or 90 minute)

  • Specialized stretching videos (15-30 minute)

  • Yoga Conditioning Drills Class (60 minute)

  • Inferno Hot Pilates (45 or 60 minute)


  • 26 & 2 Hot Yoga

  • Arm Balancing and Inversions

  • Backbending

  • Yoga Conditioning

  • Hip strengthening and mobility

PRIVATE LESSONS - 60 minute sessions online or in-person. All levels welcome - from a very first time yogi looking for some tips - to a seasoned practicitioner. These sessions are unique and specialized for each individual. One-on-one time is a great way to fuel interest in your practice.

SMALL GROUP CLASSES - "Choose your OM adventure!" Craft a yoga class that suits your group's needs.

  • Guide first-timers who have hesitated to start a yoga practice

  • Group of yogi friends looking for ways to heighten their practice

  • Athletes/Team looking for active recovery

TEACHER DEVELOPMENT - Teaching is an opportunity for continuous growth. Integrating homework with a teaching evaluation will help elevate you as a teacher. Send in a recording of your class for specific feedback and homework suggestions to polish your teaching skills. Ongoing work is encouraged.