About Heather

A spirit of curiosity mingled with an authentic verve for communicating principles of yoga make up the magic of Heather. The journey began in 2008 as Heather vowed to “try anything” to heal a lifetime of chronic back pain, she discovered the transformative benefits of a yoga practice as within months, the pain dissolved.

At Bend Hot Yoga in Bend, Oregon, Heather helps run the ship. She facilitates a love for the practice, and for the community where yoga is shared. As creative director, chief of scheduling, and master organizer, she seamlessly keeps the space sacred, lively and special so that students feel safe, warm and welcome.

In 2015, Heather underwent a pelvic reconstruction surgery to rebuild her hip socket after debilitating pain developed from hip dysplasia. A deep sense of calm determination cultivated from years of yoga practice pushed her through the recovery process – she went from wheelchair to Standing Bow Pose, using the assistance of a chair in practice to get her back on solid footing.

The more she unrolled the mat, the more Heather entered into a tapestry of self-discovery – her practice transcended the physical, and she weaved together threads of mental well-being. “I slept better, reduced stress, built confidence and came out of my shell.”

Heather started her teaching career with Bikram* Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. She has been teaching and learning as she goes since. She completed a 500-hour Yoga Therapy Specialist Program. This knowledge allows Heather to create a personalized therapeutic plan for each student.

Heather enjoys spending mindful time outdoors climbing, biking and hiking – deep in the wild where the constraints of time are nonexistent. Though Heather takes yoga very seriously, her wit, creative spirit and endless enthusiasm and joy will leave you laughing.

*Her work is not affiliated with Bikram Choudhury

Trainings and Certifications:

Heather is a Level 3 Original Hot Yoga Association (OHYA) certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Inferno Hot Pilates, and Yin Yoga Instructor. She actively participates in continuing education with teachers such as: Tiffany Cruikshank, Rachel Land, Lynn Whitlow, Gianna Purcell, Kim Tang, Joseph Encinia, Judith Hanson Lasater and Mary Richards. She has assisted on teacher trainings for 105F and Bend Hot Yoga. 

2012 - Bikram Yoga Teacher Training*

2014 - Bikram Yoga Recertification Training* - Rajashree Choudhury 

2015 - Bend Hot Yoga Teacher Development - Kathy Durham 

2016 - 26&2 Hot Yoga Teacher Tune Up - Gianna Purcell & Kathy Durham 

2017 - Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training - Gabriella Walters 

2018 - Teacher Development - Lynn Whitlow 

2019 - Teacher Development - Lynn Whitlow & Val Sklar Robinson

2019 - Experiential Anatomy Movement Literacy for Yoga Teachers - 50 hours - Mary Richards, Lizzie Lasater, and Judith Hanson Lasater

2020 - Pranayama Intensive Course - 20 hours - Judith Hanson Lasater and Lizzie Lasater

2021 - Vibrant Vision - 30 hours - Ben Sears and Tatiana Depillo  - Sacred Geometry Vinyasa, Active Mobility, Meditation and Journaling 

2021 - Dynamic Roots - 30 hours - Ben Sears and Tatiana Depillo - Sacred Geometry Vinyasa, mobility and strength training for the hips and legs to help mitigate injuries, breathwork, meditation, and journaling.  

2022/2023 - Yoga Medicine - Yoga Therapy Specialist 500 hour YTT: Completed:

2024 - 40 hr Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training 

2024 - 20 hr Trauma Informed Mindful Yoga Training

*Her work is not affiliated with Bikram Choudhury